Together Revision 2021 - April 2nd to 5th
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We're having a separate seminar stream this year:

USB2Amiga - Using your (big box) Amiga with USB input devices


Do you have a desktop Amiga in you basement with the keyboard missing or broken? Do you want to add your Amiga to a KVM switch, but can't integrate the input devices, then this presentation may be something for you. Here you learn how to build a simple open source device called USB2Amiga, connecting USB keyboards/mice/desktops, with off the shelve components that can be bought spending 10-15 Euros per device.

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Franky's traditional beer seminar


What's the plan for this year, you wonder? Enjoying a selected variation of beverages that can be ordered beforehand, selected to represent all of the regions and communities of Belgium - a topic which we will absolutely touch in the seminar.

  • Available in the EU and UK
  • Cost: 17,10 EUR + shipping
  • Beer Selection:
    1. Sour Before Christmas (L'Ermitage)
    2. White Lodge (No Sciences)
    3. Portal (Atrium)
    4. Renart (Le Goupil)
    5. Bogaerden (Sako)
    6. Mesthop (4 Pajot)
  • Ordering the box is highly recommended
  • Behave
  • There will be no toilet breaks, be prepared!

Unfortunately it's no longer possible to order the beer box.

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8051 coding

Jens Schönfeld

8051 coding performed with a view being a 6502 programmer

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Repair cafe reloaded - how to reanimate your dead hardware


Audience: You are interested in hardware fixing

You are interested in fixing your hardware as well as what to do with your vintage hardware? If you are interested in a kind of repair cafe, where you bring your hardware and we try to fix it on demand, please send your email to with subject "Workshop". Please include a short description of your issue so we can prepare or tell you what you should send us. 

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A brief introduction to craft beer


Audience: Beer enthusiasts and people that want to learn about or get into craft beer

Normally my seminars focus on the UK but this year we expand into Europe and beyond. This seminar aims to take you on a guide of how to get into craft beer from easy drinking lager to the most bonkers imperial stouts. This seminar will include some of these styles feel free to follow along: Craft lager, Belgian pale ale, Kolsch, Trappist ale, Witbeir/Hefeweizen, Lambic/Wild ale, IPA, Double/Triple IPA, Baltic Porter and Imperial stout." If you have come to one of my seminars before you know what to expect. Be warned this seminar is not for the faint hearted - Classic announcement: There will be no toilet breaks, be prepared!

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Why a yet another Digital-Audio-Workstation software project?


Audience: Musicians and (gfx-)coders

BeRo's new project is an extreme modular Digital-Audio-Workstation software, which does a lot of things differently than regular DAWs on the current market. This talk explains why this one DAW exists and what makes this one small DAW different from others, and how the implementation architecture of it is (also in the GPU-based UI-rendering technically way). As a special treat: It also includes diphone-based singing vocal synthesis with a corresponding pianoroll-based lyrics editor, where the complete Object-Pascal-native realtime diphone-based singing capable speech synhesizer can use the voice diphone databases from the MBROLA project.

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Demoscene together

Rimina and Reality404

An assortment of folks working on the Demoscene Ethics project, we would really love to arrange an informational seminar at Revision to help folks who'd like to make the scene more welcoming. It is intended to introduce the project, explain why it matters and how to help, and  point folks at resources.

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demoscene for UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, the 2021 update

 melkor / haujobb, kudrix and more

Demoscene is a cultural heritage, too! Last year we shared the initiative Art of Coding with you at Revision, the initiative to inscribe the demoscene as the first digital culture on the UNESCO intangible world cultural heritage - and now it is time to celebrate first successes and give you more updates! Looking back, the pandemic wore us down as well, and things slowed down, but we also had some fantastic successes to celebrate, one of them just recently! The biggest was without doubt that Finland and Germany inscribed the demoscene as part of their national cultural heritage, in both cases the first digital culture ever! And seeing the support in many more countries is absolutely heartwarming too. Thank you to all who create the scene every day and all who helped the initiative already! Of course, from a scene perspective, it is not about individual nation-states, but actually, a transnational culture, as we always were and will be. But we need your help to get to that level! The second round of countries is in good motion, like France, Poland, and Switzerland, and a few more, you can check in with on the Art of Coding Discord. But we need more sceners and supporters in as many countries as possible, especially in countries which are still dormant, looking at you. If you are wondering if you have enough time: each small contribution helps, as -for example- it helps not only to progress things directly, but also motivate other sceners to keep going, too! Tune in to hear how it all works, what the reasoning is behind, now that we are two years in - and of course, what is coming next!

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